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Eaton 9135 UPS

The Eaton 9135 Rack/Tower UPS delivers premium online backup power and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice and data networks and storage systems. The 9135 UPS provides deployment versatility with a two-in-one form factor. When used as a rack UPS, the 9135 occupies only 3U of rack space. Matching 3U extended battery modules provide additional battery runtime while the energy-efficient design of the 9135 UPS reduces energy consumption.


Eaton 9135 - Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Power Rating 5000-6000 VA
Voltage 200-250 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Configuration Rackmount (3U) or Tower
Product Series Powerware
UPS Models
Part Number Power Rating Input Plug Output Receptacles
PW9135G5000-XL3U 5000 / 3500 L6-30P (4) L6-30R, Hardwired
PW9135G6000-XL3U 6000 / 4200 L6-30P (4) L6-30R, Hardwired

Eaton 9135 - Features

  • Cuts energy usage and costs with 97% efficiency rating in high efficiency mode
  • Conserves valuable rack space by packing 6000 VA/4200 watts in 3U form factor that includes internal batteries
  • Maximizes availability with extended battery runtime options, hot-swappable batteries, internal bypass and optional maintenance bypass
  • Simplifies UPS monitoring and management with a bright LCD user interface, intuitive power management software and optional eNotify Remote Monitoring service
  • Offers choice of rackmount or tower installation with two-in-one form factor (4-post rail kit and tower pedestals included)
  • Extends battery runtime for critical devices with load segments


Eaton 9135 - Documentation

Product Literature
Eaton 9135 UPS Product Focus
385 kB
Eaton 9135 PPDM
843 kB
Eaton 9135 Two-in-One UPS (5000/6000 VA) User's Guide
3134 kB
Warranty, Service Agreement, Terms and Conditions
Two-year Limited Warranty
470 kB

Eaton 9135 - Options

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Power Distribution and Bypass
Power Management Connectivity
Power Management Software

Option Part Number
Eaton 9135 6000 R/T EBM 3U
3U Extended Battery Module (EBM) giving additional runtime for Eaton 9135 5000 and 6000 UPSs - up to 4 EBMs can be attached to each UPS
Power Distribution and Bypass
Option Part Number
PowerPass Distribution Modules (PPDMs)
PPDMs step down voltage to 120V to accommodate a variety of loads. The PPDM also provides a maintenance bypass, which allows you to replace the entire UPS without powering down the load
Eaton ePDU
Enclosure Power Distribution Units distribute power to 4 to 45 receptacles in high-density rack environments. The plug-and-play architecture organizes power distribution, simplifies cable management and lets you add and change IT equipment without an electrician
Power Management Connectivity
Option Part Number
ConnectUPS-MS Network Management Card
Allows monitoring of the UPS via Web or SNMP
AS/400 Relay Management Card-MS
Provides dry-contact interface between your UPS and any relay-connected computer, including the AS/400, as well as a variety of industrial applications
IBM AS/400 Cable
UPS Interface cable for connection of the UPS to IBM iSeries/AS 400
Power Management Software
UPS Supervisory Software

Part Number
Intelligent Power Manager
Intelligent Power Manager software facilitates easy, versatile, remote monitoring and management of multiple devices to keep users apprised of power and environmental conditions.
free download
UPS protection software

Part Number
Intelligent Power Protector
Next-generation software for the automatic, graceful shutdown of PCs and servers during an extended power outage. Perfect for virtualized environments -- compatible with VMware's ESXi and vSphere.
free download
Eaton LanSafe
LanSafe monitors UPS status and can gracefully shutdown or restart the systems connected to the UPS during an extended power failure (Included free on the UPS Software suite CD with the UPS)
free download
Eaton Netwatch
NetWatch Client UPS connectivity software is a critical component of Eaton's network shutdown solution. During an extended power failure, NetWatch works in conjunction with a ConnectUPS Web/SNMP network card and the...view more
free download

Eaton 9135 - Support

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